What we’ll accomplish together.

Story Coaching

Is there a book you want to write? I design a process for helping you center into your deep inner wisdom and creativity. From that place, will grow your best next gift to the world. Using a human-centered approach to developmental editing, I walk you through the process from proposal to completion, assisting with helping you discern the best forms of publishing your project.

I believe Dori desired to draw out the best in me, so she never allowed me to settle on an “easy answer” when she knew I could dig deeper. Dori’s questions and comments called me deeper in the most gentle way. 

Gina Robinson

PhD Candidate

Leading Change

I design and lead virtual and in-person gatherings and retreats for 5-500 people. Using the principles we write about in Another Way: Leading Change on Purpose, I help groups hone the heart muscles necessary to continue taking their next most faithful steps around difficult challenges of our day such as racial and gender equity. Practicing emergent facilitation, I craft a unique 1-3 day event to address your unique challenges and establish new practices that can move you closer to your reliable hopes. Most of my facilitations use practices of Spirit from across religious traditions, helping participants gain confidence in using such practices in their personal lives and their public leadership.

Dori is thoughtful, passionate, creative, and wise with an eagerness to surpass any expectations you may have. Each time I met with her regarding our event, she came to the table with an eagerness to be part of the event that touched me often. She listens carefully for the movement of the Spirit while planning any time with you. She has an extraordinary capacity to create hospitable space—even online! She knows how to open the room in a way that makes even the most introverted or reserved person in the room willing to speak. She celebrates where God is at work as if she belongs to your organization. She is filled with joy.

Rev. Donna Claycomb Sokol

Pastor of Mt. Vernon Place, UMC, Washington DC

Sabbatical Mentoring

Is there a sabbatical on your horizon? Do you want to create time to listen deeply to the energies that are calling you forward? Using a narrative approach, I accompany scholars and practitioners in the art of designing a sabbath that prioritizes centering delight. Out of that space of slowing down to experience your own embodied truth, I help you catch the inspiration that will direct your next project and help you design a plan to make it happen. People who find my sabbatical mentoring helpful are often well launched into their next writing project, and sometimes follow up with Story Coaching (described above)

Dori Baker was great at orienting me to the spirit of sabbatical. I began well because of her good counsel, attention, and direction.

Miriam Y. Perkins, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Theology and Society, Milligan University

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