LIVE : A Story Sharing Method Infographic and Guide

by | Feb 6, 2023 | Girl-Friend Theology, LIVE to Tell, Resource

This method is used in the Podcast LIVE to Tell and for Girl/Friend Theology sessions.

Listen to the Story: Light a candle. Breathe and Center

–Listen as if you are listening to scripture, as if you expect the Holy to show up. 

–Listen deeply, without an agenda, paying attention to the feelings the story stirs in you.

Immerse Yourself in the Feelings: Share the full range of emotions you felt as you listened.. 

–Surface feelings that showed up in your body: tense shoulders, change of breathing, tears, etc. 

–Share briefly any stories from your own life that this story called to mind. 

View it Wider: Let the story speak to the Stories you know by heart. 

–Where does Scripture, your faith tradition, or another faith tradition show up in this story? 

–How might this story unearth a new interpretation or invert a familiar passage for you? 

–Whose voice is missing from the story or from our conversation around it?

–Where does power, inequity, or systemic evil show up in the story? 

Explore “aha” moments: What surfaced for you that you might keep pondering? 

–What idea had heat or energy for you? 

–What do you want to say out loud so we can help each other hold onto it? 

–What Next Most Faithful Step is emerging for you here?

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