I am a Spy for Hope

My purpose is to heal human division by creating spaces of radical hospitality. I am passionate about spiritual practices that sustain activism for the flourishing of people and our planet.

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In the Wake of All that is Crumbling

I hear a faint buzzing and see the first hummingbird of spring scouting sustenance for its community as we sit in a circle on Randy and Edith Woodley’s back deck.  We are ten sojourners from across the US spending a long weekend at Eloheh Farm (pronounced...

What’s Dori up to?

Our Own Deep Wells

Awakening soulful practices for wellness

Dear Earth

Innovating Religious Education Through the Lens of Climate Justice

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Keynotes & Collaborations

I specialize in…



Creative adaptations of ancient contemplative practices


Rituals that honor the body through nature, movement, food, and storytelling


Designing events that support: racial justice & the dismantling of whiteness; the flourishing of girls, women and LGBTQ+ people; mentoring young leaders


Other topics presented in my published works: Another Way, Girlfriend Theology, The Barefoot Way, Greenhouses of Hope, and Lives to Offer

What People are Saying about Girl/Friend Theology

Girl/Friend Theology

I have used the first edition of Dori Baker’s Girl/friend Theology for many years in my God and Gender course at Luther College. It has proven to be an excellent resource to validate experience, connect with each other’s spiritual journeys, and to learn about the reality and resilience from global voices. Dori’s writing reflects her personality: intellectually engaging, ethically committed, and creatively gifted.

Wanda Deifelt, PhD, Professor or Religion at Luther College

Dori not only makes a brilliant contribution to theorizing a practice; her exquisite writing and storytelling invite the wonder the practice intends.

David F. White, Phd, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Faith-sharing in a world of gender fluidity, racism and climate change is beyond challenging. Fortunately, Dori Baker highlights many fonts of Womanist, feminist, and indigenous wisdom that new storytellers can access as they shape their new faiths.

Mary E. Hunt, Phd, Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual

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Creating Ritual Around Nature, Art, & Spirituality

Lit Labyrinth
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